Monday, February 13, 2012

My Collossal, Unnamed Spaceship

The pictures of some of my creations included in my last entry sparked some interest.  So, the following are some more pictures of the large space ship I created back in high school (10 years agon now, wow!).  What is funny is that I could never come up for a name for this thing, to this day I think of it as "the big ship"; no name I could come up with ever seemed right.  Any suggestions?

Length: 5.1 feet long
Width: 3.1 feet at widest point
Average Width: 1.5 feet
Height: 2.25 feet at talles point

Some "Big Picture" shots:

I had always wanted to build something big enough that it
could include a monorail.  This was it.

This picture was actually taken from on my roof looking through
the window.  Model was too big to move.

This front part housed the hanger, labs, bridge and officer's cabins.

This middle section was crew quarters (the yellow section) and
connecting walkway.

The following pictures show how the model opened so that you could access the inside.  My goal was to make it 100% playable (a requirement for all my MOCs) which meant 100% access.  I succeeded. 

This shows everything opened and all the removable floors removed.
The crew quarters.
The hallway, the crew quarters were accessed via hatches in the floor
(you can see the red in the floor, those are them)
You can see the monorail dock and the rear access door here
And now a few detailed pictures of the interior.

The hanger, it was so big I could (and did) stick my head in it.

The engine room with the reactor front and center.
The mechanical room.
The greenhouse.
The first floor of the medical wing.  The hatch to the right accessed the
mechanical room and crew quarters.
Top floor of medical wing.  This was before sites like bricklink so I had to use
printed tiles for lack of plain ones.
Inside view of the hall looking from the front to the rear of the ship.
Crew quarters, 3 stories tall, sleeping was on the left and workout room
was on the right.
Officers quarters off the bridge.
The bridge and stairwell to the officer's cabins.
The model was very intricate.  Working pathways for minifigures existed throughout.  Their was a large working elevator in the hanger as well as the working monorail.  To date it is the biggest model I have ever done. 

A couple of final shots.


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