About Me

It was 1987 and my dad had been gone on a business trip.  As he was coming back he had the idea that it would be fun to start a new family tradition of bringing home a small gift to his then 2 kids, nothing big just a little something that they could look forward to while he was away.  For his oldest child a small building toy caught his eye.  The price was right (about $3.00) and as he enjoyed building things (he had been a mechanical engineering major) the construction aspect appealed to him.  Little did he know as he bought that gift what he had just unleashed. 

His oldest kid was me, that small building toy was Lego set number 6659, TV Camera Crew and what he had unleashed was a lifelong passion for collecting and building with these small plastic bricks.  I have collected and built with Legos nonstop ever since and continue to love them to this day.  That first set was soon joined by others and I now have a collection which numbers in the hundreds of sets and thousands of pieces.  Legos and my natural aptitude with them played a major role in helping me discover my predisposition to engineering the career I am now in and love (I have my professional engineering license and now design water and waste water systems).  I could go on but I am sure you get the picture: I am passionate about Legos.