Monday, January 23, 2012

Sourcing Craziness!

Well, the success of my Skull's Eye Project had an unexpected consequence.  You see almost all of the Lego sets that I never got as a kid were very popular.  As I wrote about the Skull's Eye, I am not the only kid who longed for that ship and then grew into a gainfully employed adult.  The problem is that many of the sets I missed and have been on the lookout for ever since were very popular and therefore fetch a large price on any of the after market sites.  As much as I love Legos, even I have my limits as to how much I am willing to pay for them, and many of those sets are just too expensive.  But in sourcing the Skull's Eye and making my own sails I was able to dramatically reduce the cost (when adjusting for inflation, I got mine for less than the original MSRP) of that set.  And now I must confess I have gone a little bit "sourcing" crazy. 

Since completing that last project I have gone on to source and make the sails for the remaining 5 ships at I was missing.  Pictured from left to right below are 6289 Redbeard Runner from 1996, 6274 Carribean Clipper from 1989, 6271 Imperial Flagship from 1992, 6268 Rennegade Runner from 1993 and finally the (very ugly) 6250 Crossbone Clipper from 1996.

All of those sails are hand made, you would not have been
able to tell if I had not told you!

I have also gone back and done 6090 Royal Knight's Castle from 1995.  Picture below are me and my budding Lego maniac on Christmas morning putting the finishing touches on it (I made the castle my Christmas present, how thrifty of me no?)  It has been glorious! 

All of these sets were completed for at or less their original MSRP not adjusting for inflation, not bad, not bad at all!


Introvert said...

My golden age was 1989 to 1994. I've recently begun to rebuild my old sets, which has ignited my Lego fever again. I'm now buying more (old) sets and having a great time! I like your blog. Keep up the good work.

Seth said...

I'm like Introvert. My era of LEGO was about that same time period. I got out of LEGO around the Native American/Wild West Theme. I have the cowboy stuff, just not the Native Indian sets.

But with that said, the Pirates/Castle/Blacktron II/M:Tron sets were my favorite.

I also didn't have a lot of the larger sets as a kid, so I have been going back and building some here and there. But I find my imagination takes hold and I realize as great as those sets were/are, I'm capable of making them better. So then off I go to enhance these great sets from my childhood. That is the number one support mechanism I have for LEGO. It encourages creativity.