Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Mess With What Works?

7965 Millennium Falcon
The Chronicler's Rating - 5/5
Price ~ $140
Year Released - 2011

It is bar none the most famous ship in the Star Wars universe.  When the Lego Star Wars franchise was launched in 1999 all of us who were collecting Legos knew that it would just be a matter of time before Han Solo's beloved smuggling vessel was produced in Lego form.  The first incarnation was released in 2000 followed by a second version in 2004. 

The Original 2000 Version

The Second Generation 2004 Version
Since that time Lego has released a mid size version and a massive Ultimate Collector's Series model (priced at around $500) but has waited until now to release another "regular size" set of this, in Luke Skywalker's words, "piece of junk".  Fortunately, in the case of this model, Luke would be wrong. 

The Midsized Version

The Ultimate Collector's Series Version
Lego has wisely chosen to not reinvent the wheel with this set.  Though slightly sleeker and more uniform in color, there is very little substantive difference between this set and its 2004 predecessor (the only main difference is that the former had an escape pod which has been exchanged for Han's smuggling compartments in this version).  As the 2004 model achieved a nearly perfect balance of movie accuracy, great pieces, and decent price the fact that Lego has not started from scratch and has instead focused on making a few small but excellent improvements is great news!  The result is the best regular sized model of the Falcon to date. 

If your child is a fan of Star Wars you can rest assisted that they will be asking for this set (or if they are not the asking type, secretly longing for it).  There is no downside to this model, it will not easily fall apart leading to frustration during play, has excellent pieces in very useful colors for when it gets taken apart and will be incredibly fun to play with.  Even the price, though high, is justified by the excellence of the ship and the high piece count.  I would highly recommend this set to you. 

No Lego Star Wars collection is complete without a Millennium Falcon.  Lego has waited 7 years since releasing the last version of this ship and they may wait just as long again so I would encourage you to get this set while you can.  Whether you want to re-create scenes from the movie or act out your own original adventures in the Star Wars universe this set will be a great addition to your collection.  If you or an older sibling has either of the previous 2 renditions of this ship then there is no need to get this one also but otherwise get this set!

When compared to its predecessors this latest version of the Millennium Falcon rises to the top as the best version yet produced.  No Star Wars collection can be called complete without including the most famous vessel in that universe.  However, the potential buyer can rest assured that in purchasing this set they are not just fulfilling an obligation but are acquiring a truly excellent model in every respect.  I highly recommend this set to all. 

Happy Building
The Lego Chronicler

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