Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Some Cylindrical Bricks And Make Your Own

7869 Battle for Geonosis
The Chronicler's Rating - 1/5
Price ~ $40.00
Year Released - 2011

In concept this is a great set: a big walking, pose-able gun and I am sure that it is a blast to play with. The problem is that this set did nothing special with that awesome idea. I recognize that it is a recreation of a vehicle from the movie so it is not entirely Lego’s fault, and to their credit they try to salvage it by throwing in the speeder, but even that does not change the simple fact that any kid will be able to build something cooler than this with his own pieces. And I would add that due to the price of this set that same kid will be able to do it a lot cheaper.

I really would recommend that you pass on this set. If your child wants to build a big gun for their battle stories head over to the Pick-a-Brick section of Lego's site or Bricklink and order some cylinder pieces of the right color as that is likely the only piece on this that your child may not have extra of. If they want the speeder the exact model found here also comes with 7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack for much cheaper.

I am quite certain that you can build your own version of this and then have the money you or your parents would have spent on it for a different even cooler set. If you really want the Jedi minifigure just be patient, I am sure Lego will release her on a cheaper set soon.

Lego Star Wars has been around since 1999. Lego started by producing the classic well known sets but after so many years they have been forced to branch into the ever more obscure. This particular vehicle has I believe less than 10 seconds of screen time in Episode III Attack of the Clones. Sometimes these obscure sets are very cool (10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker comes to mind) but other times, like here, they just are not worth the money, especially when they are this easy to build on your own.

Happy Building

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